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UMEE LIFE is the creator of fashionable, high-end, exquisite interchangeable art.

UMEE LIFE’s niche is the ability to create jewelry that captures the essence of each individual’s personality, demonstrated by its exquisite interchangeable art.

The product range is as intricate as each piece, and includes:

•    Bracelets
•    Charms
•    Pendants
•    Necklaces
•    Chokers
•    Earrings
•    Rings
•    Anklets
•    Cuff Links
•    Tie Clips

All creations are made from carefully selected components: Crystal Quartz, Preciosa, Swarovski Crystals and Rhinestones components, Sterling Silver, Vermeil, Brass, Copper, Pewter, Rhodium, Precious, Semi-Precious stones, Resin, Hand-blown Murano and Venetian Glass, Artisan beads and more…




Phebbs Svester

Phebbs Svester is the corporate founder and product creator of UMEE LIFE jewelry. A leader in the fashion industry, Phebbs is an industry connoisseur and creates fashionable jewelry with today’s consumers in mind. Her motto is “Jewelry is meant to be fashionably interchanged and custom arranged.”

Phebbs began creating necklaces at just three years old. By the age of seven, Phebbs learned embroidery and knitting and was a self-taught sewer by the age of 16. Phebbs has extensive professional training and experience in the realms of fashion, arts and design, having studied in New York, Canada and abroad.

An industry innovator, Phebbs Svester is a certified member of Manufacturing Jewelers and Supplies of America (MJSA) and the South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild (SFJAG).

UMEE LIFE is one of the signature brand products of Phebbs Svester. Phebbs has launched a niche market with exquisite interchangeable art that is revolutionary and will change the face of the industry in a meaning, dynamic and powerful way.